Anonymous asked: Whats so bad about slut shaming?



Shaming people for the choices they make about their own bodies is bad?  It’s an attempt to police other people and the rights and freedoms they should have, and it feeds into a social atmosphere that dehumanizes people (especially women) to the point where attitudes like “A slut can’t be raped” or “She can’t respect her body so why should anyone else” or “She was wearing a slutty outfit so she was asking for it” or “She’s said yes so many times; how are we supposed to believe she said no this time” are all too common.

Slut-shaming forces your own moral judgments about sexual activity onto other people.  What makes one a “slut” is arbitrary, and the label is used whenever the user wants to hurt, slander, or judge another person for whatever reason.

Slut shaming shames women in particular for exercising sexual agency, for enjoying sex, for exercising their right to say “yes”.

Slut shaming is bad because it’s really none of your business what goes on in someone’s bedroom, unless you’re invited into it.

Slut shaming is bad because there is nothing wrong with being a slut (whatever that is).

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